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Every student deserves a fair chance.

An affordable platform for students to develop crystal clear concepts and strong exam-oriented problem-solving skills


For JEE.


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Every student deserves a fair chance

The COACHENGG APP was founded by two IIT Bombay alumni (Rohit Dahiya and Nitesh Choudhary) who started this venture to create an affordable platform for weak or average students to help them prepare for CBSE, IIT JEE and NEET exams.

Courses in the app are designed in such a simple way that a typical engineering or medical aspirant (willing to  work hard) can easily learn and doesn’t lag behind in competitive exams even in the absence of qualified teachers at school or access to private coaching. The content is shaped in such a systematic way that the student first grasps the basic concepts and then slowly advances to more complicated levels of problem solving.

Our Team

Rohit Dahiya

Nitesh Choudhary

Ankit Gupta